In Depth: Why Our Fireman’s Special is the Best Deal Out There

In Depth: Why Our Fireman’s Special is the Best Deal Out There

Hey everyone,

Today I’m writing to let everyone know about our Fireman’s Special and why it’s the best deal out there. We only do prices like these for our Fire Fighters across the United States.

What is the deal? We start the deal with the ability to order a (1) color front and (1) color back tee shirt for $4.99 a piece. That’s write, a custom house shirt for the price of a pint of your favorite brew. Other garments, such as longsleeves, sweatshirts, moisture wicking tees, mesh shorts, and more are available. Also included in the price are all screen and art fees. You can choose to order some sweatshirts, a couple of t-shirts and then a few longsleeve shirts.

So what does this mean for you and your firehouse? You can get to choose the design for your front and the design for the back. Go crazy with your concept too, we have artist’s on staff willing and able to create whatever it is you’re looking to get. We stand behind our work and pride ourselves in the fastest turn around time as possible.

What’s the catch? That’s just it, there is no catch. We do require a minimum of 60 pieces, and all additional colors are $.92 per color, per shirt. Due to the unique nature of this offer it must be ordered either over the phone or via email. All emails can be sent to Nancy@FireDepartmentClothing.Com. For additional information regarding this exclusive offer, please call us at the store 1-888-852-5588 and ask to speak to Don.

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