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Leatherhead Tools | Fire Department Gear Made in USA

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Leatherhead Tools History

Leatherhead tools is a staple American manufacture that has been around since 2007. Dasco Pro Inc. the parent company of Leatherhead tools has been around since 1922 and is one of the last hand tool forging companies in the United States. Since then Leatherhead Tools has become the face of high quality tools that serves firefighters, rescue teams, law enforcement and the United States military.

Leatherhead Tools | Rescure Tools | Firefighter Tools

Leatherhead Tools uses the latest technologies to manufacture the best high quality fiberglass handles which includes using hi-vis colors that make is very easy to spot in dark conditions. FireDepartmentClothing carries some of the most popular tools including Pick Head Axe's, New York Hook's, a Halligan Bar.

Made In the USA

Chose from a selection of rescue tools what come in all different colors, sizes and weight! Each tool is assembled in the USA using American steel giving you the best tool for durability and perfect for low-visible, smoky conditions.