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Check Out Our New Leatherhead Tools!

Posted on: 03/24/22

Written by: Jack

Since 1989, Fire Department Clothing has taken such a strong pride in supplying custom apparel to the men and women who risk their lives everyday to protect ours. We have a wide range of different clothing and accessories such as station wear, short-sleeve tees, long-sleeve tees, hoodies, crewnecks, heavy jackets, pants, job shirts, hi-visibility apparel, hats, and much more. As we continue to grow, we are always looking for ways to provide our loyal customers the best products possible. Which is why we are proud to announce...

Turkey Time - Firefighter Thanksgiving!

Posted on: 11/25/21

Written by: John

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Many departments have different ways to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holidays. Some have "Turkey Trot" 5K runs, some have food drives, some have community dinners, and others just enjoy the family. Whatever your fire department may be doing that day, please be safe and merry!

For our career firefighters, enjoy the holiday pay (We really, really hope you get holiday pay). We hope that you have a slow night and are unencumbered by the turkey and L-tryptophan.

For our volunteers, we hope you have a safe holiday with your family, and hope that you enjoy some well deserved time with your loved ones.

However your department celebrates, we hope that you will consider Fire Department Clothing for your custom firefighter apparel. Consider our 12 Firefighter Special for group orders!

Our Picks For Firefighter Gifts

Posted on: 11/24/21

Written by: John

Polar. Camel. Firefighter Travel Tumblers

What if we told you that you could have top tier quality Custom Vacuum Sealed Travel Tumblers but without pulling Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln out of your pocket and lighting them on fire simultaneously?

Would it sweeten the deal to know that we offer custom laser engraving of your Tumblers for the low price of $16.95? (Sometimes even lower on Sale) Well, we offer that and so much more. Polar Camel is our pick for fire department logo tumblers, and we offer many different designs and styles. We're also open to fully custom jobs if that's your thing.

Check out our 32oz Maltese Cross Tumbler or our 20oz American Flag Rambler. To be honest, we're not sure what all the rage is with the stemless wine glasses,...

Get Your Holiday Orders in Yesterday!!!

Posted on: 11/22/21

Written by: John

Fast Fire Department Team

We're quickly approaching the Holidays! We cannot overstate how busy we get during the Christmas season. We do our best to make each and every order date. As such, if you have a holiday rush date, we are committed to giving you accurate order deadlines. If you call us over the phone, we will be honest and forthcoming with you. If something about your order won't make a deadline, we'll work to give you options.

Please keep in mind that many of the couriers and parcel services we use also get EXTREMELY busy during the holidays. If you're local, pickup is probably a much better option.

Custom Firefighter Holiday Apparel Can Still Be Yours

Like a FAST Team, we're here exactly when you need us most. We may not be doing firefighter search and rescue in the IDLH, but we will work with you when you...

Beanie Season

Posted on: 11/20/21

Written by: John

Brrrrrrr!!!!! It's getting cold out! Opening those station doors lets in a nice breeze now, but in another month or so it'll be downright freezing. Working in the bays can be uncomfortable at times. Make it more comfortable by wearing the right hat. While you're at it, make sure that it has the right embroidery! 

Fire department clothing offers all sorts of embroidered winter firefighter hats to get you set for the long months ahead.

The ever popular block letter design is an option that will have heads turning.

Make your hats stand out with custom embroidered fire department winter beanies. We can make a fully custom design for your department. You upload the artwork, we digitize it, we sew it out, you approve the sew-out, and we embroider your hats!!!

Another popular style is the

Firefighter Commemoration and Gift Giving

Posted on: 10/27/21

Written by: John

As we approach the end of the year, many departments begin organizing awards ceremonies and holiday events. We're here to help at Fire Department Clothing! We offer an array of firefighter awards, plaques and appreciation gifts, to make your award or holiday event extra special and memorable! For the civilians, shop our firefighter gifts and light up the holidays for the firefighter in your life!


We've got all the awards you need for commemorative events. Let your firefighters know that their years of service are appreciated. Our firefighter awards will be a hit at your next awards ceremony!


We stock both turnout boots and ceremonial footwear. Either case, we've got your back. Unlike most of our products, these are not custom, though they come in a wide range of sizes. We stock...

The Strenuous Life Beyond Firefighting: Firefighter Sports and Athletics

Posted on: 10/24/21

Written by: John

There is a man who advocates for the "Strenuous Life" that man's face is carved into stone of a touristy, albeit phenomenally patriotic landmark known as Mount Rushmore. That man's name is Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt who held the office of President from 1901 to 1909. Abreast of Teddy are two founding fathers and honest Abe.

Firefighters are no stranger to the strenuous life. But what is the strenuous life? It goes beyond what one is willing to do. It is an adherence to the discipline required to perform, in addition to the will to act. There are many that are willing to be firefighters, but far fewer that are ABLE to be. One may be willing to enter a burning building, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will be useful once they do so.

Firefighters drill, drill, drill and then drill some more. We've discussed the importance of drill...

Holiday Safety

Posted on: 10/13/21

Written by: John

The holidays are quickly approaching! We're coming up on Halloween and many departments are prepared to hop in the "bus" to respond to all sorts of Halloween schenanigans gone awry.

For those not involved in the fire service, please check your local departments' website or newsletter to see if they are hosting any holiday safety events. For those in the fire service, thank you for your continued fire prevention efforts, and your consideration of fire prevention.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. It seems we're no longer worried about these family gatherings as "super-spreader" events, and are back to worrying about the simple things such as burnt turkey or electrical fires caused by Christmas lights. Please be cognizant of the dangers of Christmas trees. Few materials ignite so quickly and so violently as a dried Christmas tree. Community members should know to frequently water their tree, and to...

Firefighter Apparel That Looks Good With a Moustache

Posted on: 10/10/21

Written by: John

All of it. Apologies for the bait and switch; you knew the answer already. The power of the moustache is so great that you can rock some facial hair while still maintaining a perfect seal with your mask. With a moustache, you can walk into your mask-fit with confidence, and any other situation really.

At Fire Department Clothing, we recommend you rock the following with a moustache:

Firefighter T-Shirts

We've got your bulk and wholesale orders covered with our wholesale special. Enjoy special pricing when you order in large quantities. The wholesale special is perfect for department events, fundraisers, trade shows, firematics, drill team, and more!

Ordering a smaller amount but still for a group? Check out our 12 man special. We also have plenty of custom shirts that require no minimums! We have short-sleeve firefighter...

Staying Healthy for the Job at Hand

Posted on: 09/29/21

Written by: John

There is no doubt that firefighting is a strenuous job. Even so, there are many factors that can result in firefighters packing on the pounds as we age.

Factor #1 is community. We love our brothers and sisters in the fire service. We work side by side with them and we (hopefully) trust them with our lives on the job. We go to their weddings, their birthdays, their cook outs just because, and unfortunately down the line: their funerals. All of these events typically involve good people, good food and good drink. As we grow older it is important to be disciplined and abstemious in our food choices. That box of donuts in the firehouse can be left for our brothers and sisters in blue! (just kidding! we love our siblings in the emergency services!). In all seriousness, it is okay to indulge on occasion, but it should be just...

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