Turkey Time - Firefighter Thanksgiving!

25 November, 2021

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Many departments have different ways to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holidays. Some have "Turkey Trot" 5K runs, some have food drives, some have community dinners, and others just enjoy the family. Whatever your fire department may be doing that day, please be safe and merry!

For our career firefighters, enjoy the holiday pay (We really, really hope you get holiday pay). We hope that you have a slow night and are unencumbered by the turkey and L-tryptophan.

For our volunteers, we hope you have a safe holiday with your family, and hope that you enjoy some well deserved time with your loved ones.

However your department celebrates, we hope that you will consider Fire Department Clothing for your custom firefighter apparel. Consider our 12 Firefighter Special for group orders!

Our Picks For Firefighter Gifts

24 November, 2021

Polar. Camel. Firefighter Travel Tumblers

What if we told you that you could have top tier quality Custom Vacuum Sealed Travel Tumblers but without pulling Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln out of your pocket and lighting them on fire simultaneously?

Would it sweeten the deal to know that we offer custom laser engraving of your Tumblers for the low price of $16.95? (Sometimes even lower on Sale) Well, we offer that and so much more. Polar Camel is our pick for fire department logo tumblers, and we offer many different designs and styles. We're also open to fully custom jobs if that's your thing.

Check out our 32oz Maltese Cross Tumbler or our 20oz American Flag Rambler. To be honest, we're not sure what all the rage is with the stemless wine glasses, but we offer them too. Our Firefighter Wife stemless wine tumbler design is popular, but we also offer a Maltese stemless wine tumbler.

We've also got this sick swing top fire department growler that is great for water, Gatorade, Pedialyte and all sorts of "recovery" fluids.

Christmas Ornaments

We've got nice ornaments, the best ornaments. We've got laser engraved ornaments. Santa Clause, Santa Clause is a good friend of ours, he says we've got the best ornaments, and that man knows Christmas ornaments.

We've got the great Maltese Cross Fire Department Christmas Ornament, as well as the Snowflake Ornament. We've also got some great leather ornament designs.


Millenials are killing the key chain industry. Wait, no, that's big automotive with push-to-start. Today I got into a car with no shifter. I'm not sure how to grumpily put the car in and out of gear with a button.

Anyways, we've got some great keychain options for that classic cruiser we know you've got lovingly garaged this winter. And we've even got a fire department key hanger for it!

We've got a church-key that will hold your other keys too! We've got a round silver keychain, as well as a round wooden keychain. We've even got a firefighter keychain with a tape measure!!!

Give the Gift of Fun

"You're hard to shop for" is something I often hear. "A Hug and a Kiss" is usually what I tell my wife I want for Christmas. Truthfully, I can tell you all sorts of things that would delight me, but I can't afford them and neither can you. Just get me something goofy and fun. Chotchkies, Knick Knacks and Bric-a-Brac are all likely to make me chuckle stupidly; I can't think of anything that's better than laughing with friends and family.

Frome Fire Department clothing, we want to wish you happy holidays and merry Christmas!! Feliz Navidad, Prospero Ano y Felicidad!!!

Get Your Holiday Orders in Yesterday!!!

22 November, 2021

Fast Fire Department Team

We're quickly approaching the Holidays! We cannot overstate how busy we get during the Christmas season. We do our best to make each and every order date. As such, if you have a holiday rush date, we are committed to giving you accurate order deadlines. If you call us over the phone, we will be honest and forthcoming with you. If something about your order won't make a deadline, we'll work to give you options.

Please keep in mind that many of the couriers and parcel services we use also get EXTREMELY busy during the holidays. If you're local, pickup is probably a much better option.

Custom Firefighter Holiday Apparel Can Still Be Yours

Like a FAST Team, we're here exactly when you need us most. We may not be doing firefighter search and rescue in the IDLH, but we will work with you when you absolutely need to have shirts for a holiday party, or need sweaters to gift to your firefighters.

We know the Holidays can be extra special around the firehouse. If you're doing some sort of Santa Run or other Holiday event and need holiday themed apparel, we've got your back, but you've got to get your order in soon!!!

Holiday Firefighter Apparel

We have many designs to choose from, and we have professional artists and graphic designers on staff. We can make the perfect Firefighter Christmas Shirts for you! Whether you need some "Ugly" Christmas Sweaters, or some festive holiday shirts, we can design the perfect shirt for your Fire Department.

For Group Orders, We offer a 12 Man Special, and a 60 Piece Firefighter Special. New for this year, we are also offering our WINTER FIREMAN SPECIAL.

Firefighter Ornaments and Gifts

We've got way more gifts than we could possibly or reasonably list in a blog post. Check out our firefighter ornaments and firefighter gifts pages.

Beanie Season

20 November, 2021

Brrrrrrr!!!!! It's getting cold out! Opening those station doors lets in a nice breeze now, but in another month or so it'll be downright freezing. Working in the bays can be uncomfortable at times. Make it more comfortable by wearing the right hat. While you're at it, make sure that it has the right embroidery! 

Fire department clothing offers all sorts of embroidered winter firefighter hats to get you set for the long months ahead.

The ever popular block letter design is an option that will have heads turning.

Make your hats stand out with custom embroidered fire department winter beanies. We can make a fully custom design for your department. You upload the artwork, we digitize it, we sew it out, you approve the sew-out, and we embroider your hats!!!

Another popular style is the shield and number design. Pick your company's number and embroidery colors for your fire department hats.

The beach style firefighter beanie will have you looking fly around the firehouse. Perfect for departments in coastal areas (Hey just like Long Island!!!).

For our EMS squad, we've got the EMS Star of Life Winter Hat. Nothing says winter like figuring out how to get a patient safely into the "bus" across an icy walkway! At least we can keep our head warm!

Finally, we've got rescue, ladder, engine and tower designs for your respective companies. Pick your company type and let us know the number as well as the department (or what ever else you want to put).

Firefighter Commemoration and Gift Giving

27 October, 2021

As we approach the end of the year, many departments begin organizing awards ceremonies and holiday events. We're here to help at Fire Department Clothing! We offer an array of firefighter awards, plaques and appreciation gifts, to make your award or holiday event extra special and memorable! For the civilians, shop our firefighter gifts and light up the holidays for the firefighter in your life!


We've got all the awards you need for commemorative events. Let your firefighters know that their years of service are appreciated. Our firefighter awards will be a hit at your next awards ceremony!


We stock both turnout boots and ceremonial footwear. Either case, we've got your back. Unlike most of our products, these are not custom, though they come in a wide range of sizes. We stock industry leading brands. Never skimp on things that are between you and the ground (mattresses, shoes, tires, trampolines).


When we first introduced the 64 oz swing-top vacuum sealed growler, an intern asked me: "Why do firefighters have such large water bottles?" I was dumbfounded, but I played along and answered: "Because fires are hot and firefighters need to be well hydrated!!!" I suppose that it is true and it's also true the growler will keep water perfectly cool, but Growlers are usually used for beverages of a craftier nature. We've got custom firefighter drinkware. Water and coffee are great daily uses for 'em, but in the words of Big Tom Callahan II, "anything you wanna keep cool", or hot too; they're pretty good at keeping coffee and tea hot, or Dr. Pepper...

We like Polar Camel for our firefighter tumblers; it's got all the engineering of a certain other brand, but without broadcasting to everyone that you have a hobby of lighting money on fire.

We also have glassware that looks real nice (AND CUSTOM!!!) AND lets you see what liquid it is holding, but has mediocre durability and thermal properties relative to our travel tumblers!


Stick em on stuff and show off where you work or volunteer! Give them out at the next boot drive or fire safety day! Let people know who to call when there's a fire or other emergency!


It's inconvenient to carry lots of individual keys around. We offer laser engraved and printed key chains. One even has a church key built in... We also have a tape measure key chain!  You've got to put them together somewhere. It might as well be on a cool custom firefighter key chain. Or you could put them on a boring metal ring... or a really cool custom firefighter key chain!

Picture Frames

Cherish special moments with our picture frames! Commemorate the fallen and create reminders of bonds formed! You can also show off pictures of goofing off around the firehouse and the antics/schenanigans of our youthful brothers and sisters. Grab a good fire department photo and a good fire department picture frame!


Add some flair (not that flare!) to your Christmas tree this year! Our ornaments are not of the electric variety. We know the dangers of Christmas trees as well as anyone! Show off your pride the safe (fire inspector approved!) way with a custom Fire Department Clothing ornament!

Sigh.. Masks

Yep, Covid is still around and many folks still have to wear masks. At least show off your pride in your department with a custom fire department mask!

The Strenuous Life Beyond Firefighting: Firefighter Sports and Athletics

24 October, 2021

There is a man who advocates for the "Strenuous Life" that man's face is carved into stone of a touristy, albeit phenomenally patriotic landmark known as Mount Rushmore. That man's name is Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt who held the office of President from 1901 to 1909. Abreast of Teddy are two founding fathers and honest Abe.

Firefighters are no stranger to the strenuous life. But what is the strenuous life? It goes beyond what one is willing to do. It is an adherence to the discipline required to perform, in addition to the will to act. There are many that are willing to be firefighters, but far fewer that are ABLE to be. One may be willing to enter a burning building, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will be useful once they do so.

Firefighters drill, drill, drill and then drill some more. We've discussed the importance of drill in previous blog posts, but it is nonetheless paramount in the functioning of firefighters on the fire ground. Complementary to drill is conditioning of the physical variety. Heart disease is a leading killer of firefighters. Age is kind to no one, and the physical toll of firefighting is particularly unkind as we age. Firefighters are susceptible to not only acute injuries on the job, but repetitive stress injuries as well. Rucking north of 60 pounds of gear up many flights of stairs is rough on the joints. Likewise, manipulating heavy hose-lines, tools and life hazards through chaotic and clearly unergonomic environments is detrimental to the long term health of firefighters.

How then, do we prevent these from ruining our retirement years? Sure, many brothers and sisters in the fire service can retire after 20 or so years, but how do they ensure a continued ability to live and enjoy the strenuous life in their golden years? Discipline. An adherence to working smarter instead of harder. There should be no aversion to hard-work, rather a cognizance that harder is not necessarily better.

Additionally, many departments have found it beneficial to support physical fitness endeavors for their members. The five components of physical fitness include:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body Composition

Departments address these by developing internal sports teams. Members play other departments in their mutual aid districts or intramurally; big city departments may play against their brothers and sisters in blue. To make sure you don't pass the ball to the blue team on accident, maybe you should consider outfitting your fire department team in custom team uniforms.

Fire Department Clothing has jerseys that can be custom made for your department for the following sports:

Departments often build on-site gyms or purchase memberships at local gyms for their firefighters. Your firefighters can show their department pride at the gym with firefighter shirts, firefighter sweatshirts and firefighter shorts.

Flexibility is an important component of fitness, and of particular importance in regards to remaining uninjured on the job. When doing flexibility routines, don't be encumbered by your clothing. Choose comfortable clothing such as pants or shorts. Show off your department with firefighter shorts and sweatpants custom made for your department.

Above all, embracing the strenuous life means to know your limits both on and off the fire ground. Fire Department Clothing is here to help you show your pride! Make sure you do everything in your power to remain mobile well into old age and continue showing your pride in your department!

Holiday Safety

13 October, 2021

The holidays are quickly approaching! We're coming up on Halloween and many departments are prepared to hop in the "bus" to respond to all sorts of Halloween schenanigans gone awry.

For those not involved in the fire service, please check your local departments' website or newsletter to see if they are hosting any holiday safety events. For those in the fire service, thank you for your continued fire prevention efforts, and your consideration of fire prevention.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. It seems we're no longer worried about these family gatherings as "super-spreader" events, and are back to worrying about the simple things such as burnt turkey or electrical fires caused by Christmas lights. Please be cognizant of the dangers of Christmas trees. Few materials ignite so quickly and so violently as a dried Christmas tree. Community members should know to frequently water their tree, and to quickly dispose of it after the holidays are over. 

A great idea for many departments is to host community outreach events. A favorite of ours is "touch a truck" where children and children-at-heart have an opportunity to climb into the rigs and explore (under the supervision and guidance of trained firefighters of course). Another great idea is a general fire prevention program. Demonstrate the basics of fire behavior, the types of fires and how to extinguish them, and how to properly make a 9-1-1 call!

As Halloween approaches, remember that Firefighters and the Emergency Services as a whole provide an indispensable service to the community! Firefighter and its... "variants"... are some of the timeless popular costumes for a reason!!!

Firefighter Apparel That Looks Good With a Moustache

10 October, 2021

Beards are overrated. Find out what fire department clothing goes good with a moustache.

Staying Healthy for the Job at Hand

29 September, 2021

There is no doubt that firefighting is a strenuous job. Even so, there are many factors that can result in firefighters packing on the pounds as we age.

Factor #1 is community. We love our brothers and sisters in the fire service. We work side by side with them and we (hopefully) trust them with our lives on the job. We go to their weddings, their birthdays, their cook outs just because, and unfortunately down the line: their funerals. All of these events typically involve good people, good food and good drink. As we grow older it is important to be disciplined and abstemious in our food choices. That box of donuts in the firehouse can be left for our brothers and sisters in blue! (just kidding! we love our siblings in the emergency services!). In all seriousness, it is okay to indulge on occasion, but it should be just that: occasional. We don't overfill our apparatus and we shouldn't overfill our bodies. Likewise, we don't put two stroke mix in a four stroke saw. We should pay careful attention to our blood reports and make food choices at the recommendation of our doctors.

Factor #2: Go to the doctor. Most municipalities offer great health insurance. Your doctor has taken the Hippocratic oath. Medical professionals can only help you if you go and build a relationship with them. We understand that life gets busy and we put off things we'd rather not do, but we can't let our health slip. This job beats you up. It would be a shame to work a 20-40 year career only to retire with chronic health conditions that prevent full enjoyment of your hard earned retirement! Screen early and often!

Factor #3 is decreased activity as we age. Sure, it's a strenuous job, but as we become more senior we're more likely to be the one guiding probies through training than performing the acts ourselves. Likewise, despite the old timers' willingness to enter a burning structure, interior is often tackled by the youth in the department. As officers and chauffeurs, firefighters contribute their years of experience and wisdom rather than their fleeting youthful vitality.

Even though it is a strenuous and active job, it is tough to outrun a bad diet. Firefighter food choices should be healthy and deliberate. It is important to establish a healthy diet and consistently monitor whether we are achieving our goals or at the very least maintaining our bodies as we age.

Likewise, we should make an effort to consistently exercise in a safe, functional and intentional manner. We should ensure that cardio and resistance training are present and varied in our workout plans. Most importantly, we need to make a plan and stick to it. Being a firefighter requires a lot of discipline and training. Physical activity is second nature to us, but we should frequently evaluate the effectiveness of our physical training efforts.

Above all, education and discipline are what will ensure firefighters maintain a sustainable lifestyle into their retirement years. Perhaps the biggest health trap firefighters face is retirement itself. Retirement is a dramatic shift if you don't deliberately fill your day with physical activity. It's easy enough to go to work and perform your naturally physical job. It is much harder to work up the motivation to be active when the retirement cash is flowing in and the cold brews in the fridge are calling!!

The Importance of High Visibility Apparel

26 September, 2021

ANSI is the American National Standards Institute, a non-profit organization that develops and maintains standards for many different industries. Their guidance helps ensure a basic level of safety and compatibility for businesses, products, services and government organizations such as police, fire, etc... Some especially important types of ANSI standards are the personal protective equipment (PPE) standards that define levels of protection that workers need from their protective gear in a variety of working environments.

ANSI 107-2020 is an especially important ANSI PPE standard that regulates high visibility clothing. Everyone from road construction crews to warehouse workers to first responders use ANSI 107-rated high visibility clothing to protect themselves and stay visible on the job.

Here at Fire Department Clothing, we are proud to offer a range of ANSI 107 apparelBeing seen at night (or during the day!) on a call is vital to firefighter safety. The first step is survey the scene. The second step is to be seen! Firefighter safety shirts, jackets and vests save firefighter's lives. When you regularly enter burning buildings, it's easy to take for granted the dangers of the modern roadway. The scene is safe when you are safe. You and your fellow first responders are safe when you are all visible.

The Mesh Safety Vest is the basic way to stay seen when directing traffic and setting up scene safety equipment such as cones and flares. It fits over your clothes, and even your turnout gear. Stay visible when the next MVA call comes in!

Similar to the bravest jacket, our quilted hi-vis jacket is perfect for fall, spring and winter wear. Stay warm, mobile, and most of all: safe!

Stay warm deep in the middle of winter. On the coldest days, our ANSI 107 Parka will keep you warm on those long, cold winter nights.

When the earth is on the opposite side of the sun, it can get quite hot. Stay cool when training on those balmy summer nights with a high visibility firefighter polo.

All of our garments can be ordered blank, or custom embroidered. Choose from a variety of maltese designs for the left chest with your department name! We also have many customization options to make the garment truly yours!

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