The Importance of High Visibility Clothing

High visibility is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing clothing. ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute, a non-profit consistently developing standards that ensure a basic level of safety and compatibility for businesses, products, services and government organizations alike. Personal protective equipment or PPE regards the protection necessary for each working environment.

The standard ANSI 107-2020 is about high visibility clothing. Road construction crews and first responders are just two of the groups who utilize high visibility clothing. It is important to protect yourself and others from the dangers of each individual workplace.

Fire Department Clothing is a proud retailer of ANSI 107 clothing.  A major part of firefighter safety is to be seen at the scene of a fire. Especially when directing traffic on a major roadway, wearing a high visibility vest will increase the chances of being seen by civilians in traffic.

For a chillier fall or spring night, wear the hi-vis quilted jacket to be both comfortable and visible no matter what you’re doing. The wind resistant taffeta shell is perfect for those fall nights close to winter.

When winter nights are just too cold for a pullover sweatshirt, turn to our heavyweight parka. This reliable coat will not only keep you warm, it is ANSI 107 compliant so you can be seen anywhere on the scene.

Spring and summer will come soon enough, and the need for a polo is necessary. You’ll be spotted from far away in this entirely neon yellow polo!

The standard ANSI 107-2020 is put into place to protect those who are working in dangerous environments that require them to be seen from far away. Hence, the neon yellow color on the apparel. All of the apparel here at Fire Department Clothing is fully customizable with your department name! Let us know how we can help you or visit our website today.

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