Custom Firefighter Jackets

Custom Firefighter EMS Embroidered Jackets

Our jackets for firefighters feature custom embroidered Maltese Crosses with your own personalizations on our fire department designs. Follow the directions within the product to design a jacket that includes your fire department name and in any color you choose. There are no minimums for these custom firefighter jackets!

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Logo Embroidered Firefighter Jackets

Jackets deserve the premium look and feel of embroidery. You and your fire department will look exceptional in embroidered firefighter jackets. Embroidery provides an embossed look and is our preferred jacket embellishment. The subtle, textured embossing of embroidery emphasizes the professionalism of a para-military organization such as a fire department. A firefighter's bravest act is to answer the call; everything else is just a day in the life of a Volunteer or Professional Emergency Services Responder.

The Embroidery Process

Template Embroidery (No minimums)

  1. View Our Left Chest Embroidery Options (These do not need to be added to your cart)
  2. Select the garment you wish to order
  3. Select your garment color (Consider how your design will look on it)
  4. Indicate that you would like to add Left Chest Embroidery
  5. Select your Left Chest Embroidery design
  6. Complete required design template information (Fire Department Name, Thread Colors, Engine/Truck/Rescue Number, etc...)
  7. Select your sizes and quantities, then add to cart
  8. (Optional)Add Additional Customization. You can add embroidered names on the right chest, twill letters, full back designs, and more! (You must order one for each garment that you desire additional customization for. You will have the opportunity to specify which garment receives which design. Please call us if you specific instructions/requests.)

Custom Fire Department Logo Embroidery

  1. Brainstorm ideas by viewing some Fire Department Designs from our satisfied customers.
  2. Call us @ +1 (888) 852-5588 or email us @ and speak with an account manager to help us get an idea of your custom logo needs. There is a $300 minimum for custom logos. To provide a full quote we need the following:
    • High Resolution Logo Image
    • Type and Style of Garments
    • Quantity and Sizes of Garments
    • Date that you Need your Garments by
    • (If Ordering Names/Titles): A spreadsheet of names and titles with each person's size.
  3. Find an image of your logo to be embroidered (We need a high resolution image to properly embroider your design).
  4. Browse our product offerings and select the perfect garment style for your Fire Department.
  5. We will digitize your design and provide a "Sew-Out" for your approval. The sew-out will use the same thread colors as your final design and will be embroidered on twill that is the same color as your garment.
  6. Once you approve the sew-out, our skilled embroiderers will craft your garments using sophisticated embroidery techniques.