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Firefighter Shirts Custom Made for your Fire Department

Choose from a variety of firefighter shirts such as duty shirts, long-sleeves, and short-sleeve shirts. Most of our fireman shirts are custom-made and you can personalize them for your department. Our most popular firefighter shirt is the Firefighter T-Shirt with Maltese Cross which comes with your department printed above the Maltese cross and up to 5 large letters on the back, with your color of choice. If you'd like to make your own firefighter shirt designs, check out how to Group Order.

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How can I customize firefighter shirts for my fire department?

The fire department designs printed t-shirts for firefighters are custom printed using either a process of CAD, DIG, or DTG. CAD customization involves a heat vinyl transfer uses heat to activate and attach a vinyl film/sticker onto the shirt. The final product not only looks great, but is also durable and works well with Firefighter Sportswear Jerseys. The other type of customization is DIG which stands for Digital Printing. The custom fire department design is printed onto different types of materials depending on the final product. This process works for creating: promotional stickers, vinyl banners, full-color firefighter t-shirt designs, and more. The remaining customization is DTG which stands for Direct-to-Garment Printing. This customization has a very quick turnaround time and produces a high resolution image on garments, which makes a great last-minute gift for a firefighter. DTG is one of the most commonly used printing methods for its quality, durability, and price. Whichever style of customization you choose, you are free to personalize these firefighter shirts any way you'd like!

Our custom printed Maltese Cross Firefighter Shirt is a hot seller in our Firefighter T-Shirt Collection. Choose from a variety of fire department t-shirts and customization print designs. Fireman t-shirts come with your department printed above the Maltese cross, and up to 5 large letters on the back. Similar to the custom printed fireman tee, our Maltese Cross Firefighter Hoodies come with your department name arched over the Maltese Cross, and up to 5 large letters on the back. Our custom firefighter sweatshirts also come in a variety of colors and print colors. Complete your firefighter work uniform with our custom firefighter shorts & sweatpants also can be customized with your department name and come in many garment and print colors. Our pants and shorts make for great exercise and sleepwear.

What is the best gift I can get for a firefighter?

The best gift for firefighters we recommend is our timeless Traditional Firefighter Shirt that you can customize with your fire department name on the back and company number on the front chest. This firefighter t-shirt comes in many different colors and we also have a wide array of different designs that you can personalize!

Fire Department Clothing has other fireman gifts available in our Firefighter Gifts Collection. Choose from many styles for the fireman or firewoman in your life. Our firefighter apparel will delight anyone in the fire and emergency services. In a hurry? Rush service is available for 20% of the cost of the order. Ordering in bulk? We offer discount pricing for bulk orders. Call us at 1-888-852-5588 with any questions you may have.