5 Stunning Examples of Customized Firefighter Apparel

Custom Firefighter Jacket
Clinton Fire Department Logo on our Bravest Firefighter Jacket

Here in New York City, I often see firefighters wear their puffy FDNY Jackets, which always looks amazing and many often have customization such as their name or different colors of their designs. On those firefighter jackets, I'd also see an Embroidered Maltese Cross placed on the left chest, which represents their Fire Department and is known as a symbol of protection since firefighters are willing to risk their own lives for the sake of others. To show appreciation to the many hard-working firefighters and fire departments, here are 5 stunning examples of customized firefighter apparel:

1. Bravest Firefighter Jackets

As a Firefighter Clothing business, we often make customized fire department designs on many of our shirts and jackets. This firefighter jacket we made for SPFD shows fire department with Flag Letters onto our classic Bravest Firefighter Jacket. This Bravest Jacket is one of our best-sellers and we hope you’ll like it as well!

SPFD Flag Letters on a Bravest Firefighter Jacket

2. Fire Department Old Style Beanie

Summer’s winding down and soon comes the cold weather and hot chocolate. Stay warm representing your Fire Department with any of our beanies in our Firefighter Beanie Collection. Choose from 10+ different styles ranging from Engine, to Tower, to Old English and more! We also have an EMT Cross Beanie! All of which are customizable to include your custom text and by thread color.

Jefferson Fire Department Beanie with Embroidered Old Style Design

3. Fire Department Traditional Shirts

The these traditional fire department shirts are a staple in any firefighter’s wardrobe. In this picture is our Maltese Cross Shirt (Black), Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt (Navy), Traditional FD Shirt (Sport Grey), which you usually see most firefighters in which features a customized Maltese Cross on the left chest as well as your Fire Department’s acronym on the back of the shirt. We also offer wholesale pricing to get 60+ or 150+ custom firefighter shirts!

Maltese Cross Shirt (Black), Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt (Navy), Traditional FD Shirt (Sport Grey)

4. Firefighter Hoodie with Flag Patch

This firefighter hoodie features a custom Maltese Cross but also a Flag Patch on the left sleeve. We also offer many different customizations such as custom embroidered name/text too! What we love about this design is the different thread colors of white and red which are the same color as our flag’s stripes. I’m sure this firefighter will be warm this coming season.

Embroidered Maltese Cross Firefighter Hoodie with Flag Patch Customization

5. Firefighter Maltese Cross Tumblers

After a long day of fighting fires, drinking some ice cold water is the most refreshing feeling ever. What we like about this design is the simplicity. Our firefighter tumblers can hold both cold and hot liquids for up to 8 and 12 hours, respectively. These are easily customizable and are great as a gift, or even yourself! Our tumblers come in different colors and designs and we can engrave your own fire department logo as well.

Fire Department Tumbler with Laser Engraved Maltese Cross
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