9/11/2001 | Remembering 20 years since the World Trade Center Attacks

It's hard to believe that it has been two decades since the towers fell. We will never forget where we were that day. There are many things we could blog about regarding our at-the-time small, but blossoming company. However, it seems more appropriate to write that we solemnly remember 20 years, and look to the future. We remember those that tirelessly worked "the pile" in the aftermath. We remember those that rushed towards danger when they could have run away. We remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice, and we are thankful for the emergency services workers that made it home that day. We have recovered, we have rebuilt, and we have persevered; but we will never forget.

For those unaware, a PASS Device (Personal Alert Safety System) is a standard piece of equipment for all interior firefighters. The PASS device is used by firefighters to signal that they are lost or trapped by sending out a chirping audible signal; it also activates if a firefighter stops moving for more than a few seconds. The chilling video below is one reason we will never forget.

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