Beanie Season

John M

Brrrrrrr!!!!! It's getting cold out! Opening those station doors lets in a nice breeze now, but in another month or so it'll be downright freezing. Working in the bays can be uncomfortable at times. Make it more comfortable by wearing the right hat. While you're at it, make sure that it has the right embroidery! 

Fire department clothing offers all sorts of embroidered winter firefighter hats to get you set for the long months ahead.

The ever popular block letter design is an option that will have heads turning.

Make your hats stand out with custom embroidered fire department winter beanies. We can make a fully custom design for your department. You upload the artwork, we digitize it, we sew it out, you approve the sew-out, and we embroider your hats!!!

Another popular style is the shield and number design. Pick your company's number and embroidery colors for your fire department hats.

The beach style firefighter beanie will have you looking fly around the firehouse. Perfect for departments in coastal areas (Hey just like Long Island!!!).

For our EMS squad, we've got the EMS Star of Life Winter Hat. Nothing says winter like figuring out how to get a patient safely into the "bus" across an icy walkway! At least we can keep our head warm!

Finally, we've got rescue, ladder, engine and tower designs for your respective companies. Pick your company type and let us know the number as well as the department (or what ever else you want to put).

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