Firefighter Apparel That Looks Good With a Moustache

All of it. Apologies for the bait and switch; you knew the answer already. The power of the moustache is so great that you can rock some facial hair while still maintaining a perfect seal with your mask. With a moustache, you can walk into your mask-fit with confidence, and any other situation really.

At Fire Department Clothing, we recommend you rock the following with a moustache:

Firefighter T-Shirts

We've got your bulk and wholesale orders covered with our wholesale special. Enjoy special pricing when you order in large quantities. The wholesale special is perfect for department events, fundraisers, trade shows, firematics, drill team, and more!

Ordering a smaller amount but still for a group? Check out our 12 man special. We also have plenty of custom shirts that require no minimums! We have short-sleeve firefighter shirts, long-sleeve shirts, duty shirts, novelty shirts, retirement shirts, and clearance shirts.

Firefighter Hats

Firefighter hats look great with a moustache! We've got dozens of styles and designs to try. We have the perfect hat for every firefighter look. Choose from flex-fit hats, adjustable hats, old-style hats, duty hats, off-duty hats, beanies and winter hats, ems hats, beach style hats, block style hats, 3D puff hats, and more. We've got designs for engine, tower, ladder and rescue companies.

Firefighter Jackets

You won't find any turnout gear here (Well.. we do have some NFPA compliant boots). However, we do have a great range of firefighter jackets and stationwear to choose from. Look sharp around the station, around town, or on EMS calls. Show your pride and show off your stache in a firefighter jacket!

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