Firefighter Commemoration and Gift Giving

John M

As we approach the end of the year, many departments begin organizing awards ceremonies and holiday events. We're here to help at Fire Department Clothing! We offer an array of firefighter awards, plaques and appreciation gifts, to make your award or holiday event extra special and memorable! For the civilians, shop our firefighter gifts and light up the holidays for the firefighter in your life!


We've got all the awards you need for commemorative events. Let your firefighters know that their years of service are appreciated. Our firefighter awards will be a hit at your next awards ceremony!


We stock both turnout boots and ceremonial footwear. Either case, we've got your back. Unlike most of our products, these are not custom, though they come in a wide range of sizes. We stock industry leading brands. Never skimp on things that are between you and the ground (mattresses, shoes, tires, trampolines).


When we first introduced the 64 oz swing-top vacuum sealed growler, an intern asked me: "Why do firefighters have such large water bottles?" I was dumbfounded, but I played along and answered: "Because fires are hot and firefighters need to be well hydrated!!!" I suppose that it is true and it's also true the growler will keep water perfectly cool, but Growlers are usually used for beverages of a craftier nature. We've got custom firefighter drinkware. Water and coffee are great daily uses for 'em, but in the words of Big Tom Callahan II, "anything you wanna keep cool", or hot too; they're pretty good at keeping coffee and tea hot, or Dr. Pepper...

We like Polar Camel for our firefighter tumblers; it's got all the engineering of a certain other brand, but without broadcasting to everyone that you have a hobby of lighting money on fire.

We also have glassware that looks real nice (AND CUSTOM!!!) AND lets you see what liquid it is holding, but has mediocre durability and thermal properties relative to our travel tumblers!


Stick em on stuff and show off where you work or volunteer! Give them out at the next boot drive or fire safety day! Let people know who to call when there's a fire or other emergency!


It's inconvenient to carry lots of individual keys around. We offer laser engraved and printed key chains. One even has a church key built in... We also have a tape measure key chain!  You've got to put them together somewhere. It might as well be on a cool custom firefighter key chain. Or you could put them on a boring metal ring... or a really cool custom firefighter key chain!

Picture Frames

Cherish special moments with our picture frames! Commemorate the fallen and create reminders of bonds formed! You can also show off pictures of goofing off around the firehouse and the antics/schenanigans of our youthful brothers and sisters. Grab a good fire department photo and a good fire department picture frame!


Add some flair (not that flare!) to your Christmas tree this year! Our ornaments are not of the electric variety. We know the dangers of Christmas trees as well as anyone! Show off your pride the safe (fire inspector approved!) way with a custom Fire Department Clothing ornament!

Sigh.. Masks

Yep, Covid is still around and many folks still have to wear masks. At least show off your pride in your department with a custom fire department mask!

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