Holiday Safety

The holidays are quickly approaching! We're coming up on Halloween and many departments are prepared to hop in the "bus" to respond to all sorts of Halloween schenanigans gone awry.

For those not involved in the fire service, please check your local departments' website or newsletter to see if they are hosting any holiday safety events. For those in the fire service, thank you for your continued fire prevention efforts, and your consideration of fire prevention.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. It seems we're no longer worried about these family gatherings as "super-spreader" events, and are back to worrying about the simple things such as burnt turkey or electrical fires caused by Christmas lights. Please be cognizant of the dangers of Christmas trees. Few materials ignite so quickly and so violently as a dried Christmas tree. Community members should know to frequently water their tree, and to quickly dispose of it after the holidays are over. 

A great idea for many departments is to host community outreach events. A favorite of ours is "touch a truck" where children and children-at-heart have an opportunity to climb into the rigs and explore (under the supervision and guidance of trained firefighters of course). Another great idea is a general fire prevention program. Demonstrate the basics of fire behavior, the types of fires and how to extinguish them, and how to properly make a 9-1-1 call!

As Halloween approaches, remember that Firefighters and the Emergency Services as a whole provide an indispensable service to the community! Firefighter and its... "variants"... are some of the timeless popular costumes for a reason!!!

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