LUNAR Won't Just Save Your Life! It Can Help Your Custom Fire Department Clothing Order Go Smoothly

MAYDAY and LUNAR Refresher

When and how to Mayday

Last week we wrote about the importance of drill in the development of firefighting skills. One of the most important and lifesaving fire ground activities to drill for is the calling of a MAYDAY. MAYDAYs are not often called, but have a high consequence for not doing so. Nothing is more important than the lives of our brothers and sisters on the fire ground. We can't help others if we ourselves are in danger. For this reason, proper MAYDAY drilling is imperative for safe operation in the IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) zone.

MAYDAYs are typically called for one of three reasons: firefighters are lost or trapped, firefighters are injured, or firefighters are missing. When a MAYDAY is called the airwaves are cleared and the FAST (Firefighter Assist and Search Team) team is ready to go into action.


When in a MAYDAY situation, firefighters should remember the following LUNAR acronym when they make their MAYDAY call over the radio:

  • L - Location (Where is help needed?)
  • U - Unit (What unit are you? How many need help?)
  • N - Name (Who are you?)
  • A - Assignment/Air (What were you doing? How much air do you have?)
  • R - Resources (What is needed for rescuers to extract you?)

Pride should not prevent you from calling a MAYDAY. There can be serious consequences of delaying a MAYDAY call. The three general aforementioned scenarios for calling a MAYDAY can be extended to scenarios such as falling through the floor, signs of imminent collapse, flashover, etc... In essence, if you lose your mobility and cannot extricate yourself, or your SCBA low air alarm triggers, it is appropriate to call a MAYDAY.

How LUNAR can help at Fire Department Clothing

Not to make light of this lifesaving acronym, we at Fire Department Clothing would like to take an acronym that many firefighters already know and use it to help guide you through the ordering process. When placing your order with us, consider the following:

  • L - Location (Where on the garment do you want embellishment/customization?)
  • U - Unit (Do you want an identifier of some sort for your unit?)
  • N - Name (Do you want names on the garments? Make sure you get a garment size breakdown for each of your members!)
  • A - Assignment (What is your budget and when do you need it by?)
  • R - Resources (What art assets do you have that can help us make your design perfect!? What type of embellishment are you going for?)

Be sure to talk to an artist if you need help navigating through the custom ordering process. If you have high resolution imagery already, you can order directly through our fireman special and wholesale special pages.

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