The Importance of High Visibility Apparel

ANSI is the American National Standards Institute, a non-profit organization that develops and maintains standards for many different industries. Their guidance helps ensure a basic level of safety and compatibility for businesses, products, services and government organizations such as police, fire, etc... Some especially important types of ANSI standards are the personal protective equipment (PPE) standards that define levels of protection that workers need from their protective gear in a variety of working environments.

ANSI 107-2020 is an especially important ANSI PPE standard that regulates high visibility clothing. Everyone from road construction crews to warehouse workers to first responders use ANSI 107-rated high visibility clothing to protect themselves and stay visible on the job.

Here at Fire Department Clothing, we are proud to offer a range of ANSI 107 apparelBeing seen at night (or during the day!) on a call is vital to firefighter safety. The first step is survey the scene. The second step is to be seen! Firefighter safety shirts, jackets and vests save firefighter's lives. When you regularly enter burning buildings, it's easy to take for granted the dangers of the modern roadway. The scene is safe when you are safe. You and your fellow first responders are safe when you are all visible.

The Mesh Safety Vest is the basic way to stay seen when directing traffic and setting up scene safety equipment such as cones and flares. It fits over your clothes, and even your turnout gear. Stay visible when the next MVA call comes in!

Similar to the bravest jacket, our quilted hi-vis jacket is perfect for fall, spring and winter wear. Stay warm, mobile, and most of all: safe!

Stay warm deep in the middle of winter. On the coldest days, our ANSI 107 Parka will keep you warm on those long, cold winter nights.

When the earth is on the opposite side of the sun, it can get quite hot. Stay cool when training on those balmy summer nights with a high visibility firefighter polo.

All of our garments can be ordered blank, or custom embroidered. Choose from a variety of maltese designs for the left chest with your department name! We also have many customization options to make the garment truly yours!

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