The New Normal... Again..

The phrase "The New Normal" has been floating around for some time since the Pandemic began. As the end draws near, we are thankful for the firefighters, law enforcement officers, medical professionals, and all essential workers that didn't quit when their communities needed them most.

As we open back up, we know that you never quit; and we didn't either. We can recall the days of the Pandemic where standard operating procedure was to respond to medical calls wearing positive pressure masks. When the orders were made for others to stay home, we shifted production to face masks. We complied with all the guidelines and did our best to stay afloat. We are not a major corporation. We're not Amazon, we're not eBay, and we're not one of the generic embellishment companies. We're a custom embroidery and print shop that's been doing this for a long time.

If you're not from Long Island, we're also not your local print and embroidery shop; but we want to be. We pride ourselves in our customer service, our commitment to quality, and our unbeatable value. We've been doing this since 1989, from humble beginnings. We've seen countless local competitors come and go. We have stuck around because of our tenacity and because of our values. We know you love to show pride in your organization, and we take pride in helping you do that.

Admittedly, we don't just write this blog for the love of it (though the author jumped at the opportunity to do so!); we write this blog because we are ultimately a business looking to connect with customers and help you along the way. The author is an occasional volunteer firefighter, and public educator. We enjoy staying abreast of updates in the fire world and finding the intersection of topics concerning custom apparel and emergency services. We do our best to stay relevant and aware to the needs of our customers!

There are a great number of metrics that firefighters in training have to meet: hydrant drops, donning and doffing, primary searches and hose pulls just to name a few. At the department level, response time, turnout time, etc.. are used to measure performance.

We measure our performance internally as well. We monitor both speed and quality of work. We offer RUSH service that most other shops can't even come close to competing with, never-mind the big corporations. Below is an actual screenshot of one of our competitors as of September 7th, for their "Super Rush" service.

With us, that's just our basic rush service. You can always call us (800 852 5588) and discuss your rush options. We pride ourselves in our fast turn around without compromising quality. If you need shirts fast and by a particular date, chances are we can do it if you give us a call.

Furthermore, we challenge you to find a better value anywhere else. If someone is able to beat our 60 piece fireman shirt special, we want to know about it. Likewise, if they can beat our wholesale firefighter special and keep production IN THE UNITED STATES, we would really, really like to know about it. Our products are printed, embroidered, and engraved all right here on Long Island, NY in the United States of America.

As fall rolls around, we would like to share some of our best recommendations with you!

Firefighter Bravest Jacket

Our bravest jacket is our most popular seller! The quilted jacket is great for mid-winter runs with the EMS crew. It also works great as station wear when the doors are up and the house is cold.

Firefighter Shirts

Firefighter shirts never go out of season! Wear them underneath your bravest jacket or turnout gear when the weather cools down! Our most popular shirt is the standard firefighter t-shirt, custom made for your department. This shirt isn't just custom, it's made just for you. There are no minimums required when ordering this shirt, or many of our other custom firefighter shirt offerings. Other popular designs include our probie shirt, reflective shirt, traditional fire firefighter shirt, axe & flag, and our skull design.

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