Leatherhead Tools Flat Head Axe Sale


Leatherhead Tools Flat Head Axe

Leatherhead Tools Flat Head Axe

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This Leatherhead Tool is designed for any job. Made out of high carbon steel this flat head axe comes in 6 or 8 pounds. The flat head axe comes with a non slip grip and comes in 5 colors. Choses from Hi-Viz lime and orange, yellow, black fiberglass or traditional hickory wood.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • This Axe is ideal for ventilation, forced entry and overhaul
  • Hi-Viz handle construction is solid pultruded fiberglass with color embedded and non slip grip
  • Yellow or Black handle construction is a strong pultruded fiberglass core with injection molded jacket for added strength, new design for max comfort and function include enlarged deer hoof grip, won't mushroom, angles on one side of the shaft to bite into the creases of your grip to prevent rotation, other side is smooth so your hand glides with every strike of the axe

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