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4" Sewn-On Tackle Twill Flag Letters for Upper Back

$ 13.99

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This customization option allows you to add 2 to 4 letters to the upper back of a garment with a Stars and Stripes pattern. Your are also able to choose the border color and font for the letters. Each letter is 4-inches in height and are made of twill fabric. The fabric has a glue backing that is heated into place first on the back so there are no bubbles, and then each layer of letter is sewn down. The first letter will be in the Stars pattern as shown on the N in the picture. Letters 2-4 will be in the Stripes pattern found on the DFD in the picture. Please only enter 2-4 letters to be used, if you are looking to add more letters to your back, please call customer service for other options.